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Cuba Havana Tours from Miami
Cuba travel from Miami USA
  • Minimum 10, maximum 35 people!
    • 5 or 7 Nights options
      • Charter flight from Miami
        • Various departure dates available
          • Medical insurance is included
            • People-to-People License
              • Jam-packed activities
                • Friends or family group bookings
                  • Learn about the people and culture
                    • Unforgettable vacation experience
                      • Special tourist VISA is issued by CTS
                        • Authorized booking agency
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                        VEGASIO is excited to offer two unique people-to-people educational tours to Cuba in cooperation with U.S.-based Cuba Travel Services (CTS). Licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), these tours offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Cuban culture by interacting and engaging with the people of Cuba including artists, farmers, health-care professionals, children and other locals.

                        Looking to book a group of friends and family to experience this tour?

                        PROGRAM DETAILS

                        • For the travel to Cuba booked 104 days or more prior to departure, full payment is due at 6:00pm same day!

                          • Program is available on a People-to-People License, which means this will not be your average guided tour. Passengers should not be going there with the sole purpose of being a tourist, they are on a cultural exchange, but a fun one!
                            • Includes full day itineraries with jam-packed activities meaning little to no free time. The purpose of this tour is to bring the two countries closer together through meaningful interactions. This is an experiential tour, not a vacation; therefore, travelers should not be traveling to Cuba for a beach vacation or entertainment, but to learn about the people and culture.
                              • A special tourist VISA is required to visit Cuba, which will be issued by CTS.
                                • All travel documents will be delivered to hotel. Charter flight from Miami: Times are subject to change.
                                  • Americans are allowed to purchase up to $400 of souvenirs in Cuba to bring back to the US, of which $100 can be alcohol or tobacco products (except informational and artistic materials which is exempt from limit)
                                    • LUGGAGE, MIA-HAV only:
                                      • -each checked bag $20 (1 included in your program)
                                        • -Donations vs. gifts for customs
                                          • CASH ONLY: No American credit cards, ATM cards, or travelers checks can be used in Cuba.
                                            • This tour will be locally guided with a Cuban National to accompany the tour at all times and a Tour Director from Miami and back.
                                              • Medical insurance is included while in Cuba. There are special Hospitals for foreign travelers. Supplemental travel insurance is useful for everything else.

                                              WHAT TO BRING:

                                              • Your prescription medication and over the counter medication
                                                • Mosquito Repellent and Sunscreen
                                                  • Hats
                                                    • Rain Gear (umbrella, rain jacket)
                                                      • Comfortable Shoes and Cool and Casual Attire
                                                        • Small gifts for children and locals, depending on itinerary (for example, school supplies, small toys, candies, art supplies, band aids, OTC drugs
                                                          • All Necessary Toiletries
                                                            • Toilet Paper (good to have your own at public restrooms)
                                                              • Plenty of Cash

                                                              CUBA PACKAGES, DEPARTURE DATES & PRICING

                                                              Cuba map
                                                              (Per Person)
                                                              1 night Miami + 4 nights Havana Program Double $3,250.00 7/13/16, 7/27/16, 8/10/16, 8/24/16, 9/7/16, 9/21/16, 10/5/16, 10/19/16
                                                              1 night Miami + 4 nights Havana Program Single $3,390.00 7/13/16, 7/27/16, 8/10/16, 8/24/16, 9/7/16, 9/21/16, 10/5/16, 10/19/16
                                                              1 night Miami + 6 nights Havana/Cayo Santa Maria Program Double $4,725.00 7/16/16
                                                              1 night Miami + 6 nights Havana/Cayo Santa Maria Program Single $5,350.00 7/16/16
                                                              1 night Miami + 6 nights Havana/Cayo Santa Maria Program Double $4,650.00 8/13/16, 8/27/16
                                                              1 night Miami + 6 nights Havana/Cayo Santa Maria Program Single $5,275.00 8/13/16, 8/27/16
                                                              1 night Miami + 6 nights Havana/Cayo Santa Maria Program Double $4,725.00 9/10/16, 9/24/16
                                                              1 night Miami + 6 nights Havana/Cayo Santa Maria Program Single $5,350.00 9/10/16, 9/24/16
                                                              1 night Miami + 6 nights Havana/Cayo Santa Maria Program Double $4,775.00 10/8/16, 10/22/16
                                                              1 night Miami + 6 nights Havana/Cayo Santa Maria Program Single $5,395.00 10/8/16, 10/22/16
                                                              1 night Miami + 6 nights Havana/Cayo Santa Maria Program Double $4,995.00 11/5/16, 11/19/16
                                                              1 night Miami + 6 nights Havana/Cayo Santa Maria Program Single $5,625.00 11/5/16, 11/19/16
                                                              1 night Miami + 6 nights Havana/Cayo Santa Maria Program Double $4,895.00 12/3/16, 12/10/16
                                                              1 night Miami + 6 nights Havana/Cayo Santa Maria Program Single $5,495.03 12/3/16, 12/10/16


                                                              1 Night in Miami: Airport Hotel TBD
                                                              4 Nights in Havana: Hotel Panorama

                                                              Pre Night in Miami
                                                              1) Arrive to the hotel in Miami during the day
                                                              2) Meet your tour director.
                                                              3) Overnight Miami airport hotel

                                                              Day 1 (Thru): Miami-Havana

                                                              7:00 am Flight departs for Havana
                                                              8:00 am Arrive at the International Airport in Havana
                                                              9:00 am Panoramic Overview of Havana, including Vedado, University of Havana, Malecon, Revolution Square and the Capitol Area
                                                              10:00 am Walk through Old Havana’s historic center with local guide. Interact with this specialist and visit various restored buildings. Ask questions about Havana’s recent restoration projects and learn about the history of the city that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage in 1982
                                                              1:00 pm Lunch at Rum Rum
                                                              2:30 pm Transfer to the hotel
                                                              3:00 pm Afternoon US-Cuba Policy Conference at the hotel. Interact with a professor that will present a lecture and there will be the possibility to ask question about Cuba-US current relations
                                                              4:00 pm Hotel Check in
                                                              7:00 pm Transfer by American antique cars to the restaurant. Panoramic tour for about half an hour.
                                                              7:30 pm Welcome dinner at La Moraleja

                                                              Day 2 (Fri): Havana

                                                              7:30 am Breakfast at the hotel
                                                              9:00 am Morning visit to the University of Havana. Meet with staff or professors to disscuss education in Cuba. Ask questions to learn about difficulties they experience in their daily life.
                                                              10:30 am Visit La Fototeca de Cuba which is not only a photography gallery that promotes national and international photography; but a museum that treasures the largest collection of Cuban photography in the world. Meet with museum curators and leading Cuba photographers to discuss about latest trends in Cuba photography work.
                                                              12:00 pm Lunch at Café del Oriente
                                                              2:00 pm After lunch, visit the Havana Club Rum Foundation which is the house of the Rum Museum in Havana. Interactive visit with a local guide who will explain about the production of the famous Havana Club Rum and you will have the opportunity to ask questions about this process of making Rum. The guided tour will be followed by a 7 years old Havana Club Rum taste.
                                                              3:30 pm Visit the San Jose Craft Market
                                                              5:00 pm Return to the Hotel

                                                              Day 3 (Sat): Havana

                                                              7:30 am Breakfast at the hotel
                                                              9:00 am Visit the art gallery La Fabrica de Arte for a presentation on the current exhibition and discussion with young Cuban
                                                              10:30 am Drive to at Jaimanitas to visit the studio of the famous Cuban artist and ceramist sculptor Jose Rodriguez Fuster who is regarded as the “Picasso of the Caribbean”. Speak with community leaders, obtain an understanding on how Fuster’s artistic style has impacted the neighbourhood
                                                              1:00 pm Lunch at La Fontana
                                                              3:00 pm Afternoon visit to Angeles del Futuro Children’s project for circus and acrobatics
                                                              4:30 pm Return to the Hotel

                                                              Day 4 (Sun): Havana-Varadero-Havana

                                                              7:00 am Breakfast at the hotel
                                                              8:00 am Depart for Varadero
                                                              9:00 am Stop at Bacunayagua Bridge
                                                              11:00 am Arrive to Varadero and visit to Casa de la Cultura in Varadero. Cultural exchange with the Danzon Club. Interact with the musicians and dancers and learn about the Cuban National Dance “El Danzon”
                                                              12:30 pm Lunch at Casa Dupont.
                                                              2:00 pm Depart for Matanzas
                                                              2:45 pm Stop at Matanzas and visit art studio and workshop of Lolo, famous local artist that works on large pieces
                                                              4:00 pm Continue to Havana
                                                              5:30 pm Arrive to the hotel
                                                              8:00 pm Farewell dinner at la California restaurant

                                                              Day 5 (Mon): Departure day

                                                              7:00 am Breakfast at the hotel and check out
                                                              7:30 am Depart for the international airport in Havana
                                                              10:00 am Flight departs for Miami


                                                              1 Night in Miami:
                                                              Miami Airport Marriott
                                                              3 Nights in Havana: Melia Cohiba
                                                              3 Nights in Cayo Santa Maria: Melia Las Dunas

                                                              Pre Night in Miami
                                                               1) Arrive to your Miami hotel during the day
                                                               2) Meet tour director
                                                               3) Briefing at hotel by tour director
                                                               4) Overnight in Miami Airport Marriott Hotel

                                                              Anticipated Flight Itinerary:

                                                              Sunday Miami to Havana Departure: 7:05AM Arrival: 8:05AM
                                                              Monday Santa Clara to Miami Departure: 2:45PM Arrival: 3:45PM
                                                              Please be sure to arrive in Miami by 5:00PM EST.
                                                              Please allow 3 hours in Miami to connect to your domestic departure flight

                                                              Day 1 (Sun): Miami-Havana

                                                              7:05 am Flight departs for Havana (Subject to change)
                                                              8:05 am Arrive at the International Airport in Havana
                                                              9:00 am Panoramic Tour of the City to include seeing the Malecon, Capitol Building, El Prado and the Vedado area, including the University, photo stop at Revolution Square
                                                              11:00 am Visit Montalván Art Gallery and Studio. Meet the artists Orlando Montalván or Rafael Zarza (if possible) Interact with the artists and learn about their work and the difficulties they face in Cuba today as young artists
                                                              12:45 pm Lunch at La California restaurant for welcome
                                                              2:45 pm Transfer to Hotel
                                                              Dinner at Leisure

                                                              Day 2 (Mon): Havana

                                                              8:00 am Breakfast at hotel
                                                              9:30 am Visit a local farmers market and experience firsthand Cuba’s dual-currency system. Interact with local Cubans that gather their groceries at the market
                                                              (You may also be able to visit the 17 y K in Vedado or Tulipan y Boyeros)
                                                              10:30 am Drive to a Havana suburb to visit Finca la Yohandra. Interact with the owner and workers to learn about organic cultivation practices in Cuba. Meet a chef at the restaurant Il Divino
                                                              12:30 pm Lunch at Il Divino Restaurant
                                                              2:30 pm Visit to Colon Cemetery, one of the greatest historical cemeteries in the world.
                                                              4:00 pm Return to hotel
                                                              7:30 pm Dinner at Café del Oriente

                                                              Day 3 (Tue): Havana

                                                              7:00 am Breakfast at hotel
                                                              8:30 am Walk through Old Havana’s historic center and visit various restored buildings. Q&A about Havana’s recent restoration projects and the history of the city that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1982
                                                              11:00 am Visit the Partagas cigar factory with a local guide at the factory and take a tour around the different departments. Interact with the workers and the local guide to learn how the famous Habanos cigars are hand rolled by the “torcedores” -cigar rollers
                                                              1:00 pm Lunch at the restaurant El Jardin de los Milagros.
                                                              3:00 pm In the afternoon, visit Malpaso, one of Cuba’s first private dance companies. Visit their studio to watch a private rehearsal, followed by a chance to interact and ask the dancers questions
                                                              5:30 pm Return to hotel

                                                              Day 4 (Wed): Havana-Cayo Santa Maria

                                                              7:00 am Breakfast at the hotel
                                                              8:00 am Depart for Cayo Santa Maria via Cienfuegos
                                                              9:30 am Rest stop at Fiesta Campesina
                                                              11:00 pm Visit the Bay of Pigs Museum which commemorates the notorious Bay of Pigs Invasion that took place in 1961. Meet a local guide and take a tour around the museum
                                                              12:00 pm Depart for Cienfuegos
                                                              1:30 pm Arrive to Cienfuegos, a city with a French influence
                                                              Lunch at Finca del Mar restaurant
                                                              3:00 pm Walk through Cienfuegos Center and visit the Thomas Terry Theater (dating back to the late 1800’s and still used today). Walk along the “Bulevar” (main pedestrian shopping street) to interact with shop owners and local residents
                                                              Drive to Palacio del Valle in Punta Gorda
                                                              4:00 pm Depart for Cayo Santa Maria
                                                              6:30 pm Arrive to the hotel and check-in
                                                              At leisure Dinner at hotel

                                                              Day 5 (Thu): Cayo Maria-Trinidad- Cayo Santa Maria

                                                              7:00 am Breakfast at hotel
                                                              7:30 am Depart for Trinidad
                                                              11:00 am Arrive to Trinidad, declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1988, and meet a local historian or architect for a walking tour
                                                              1:00 pm Lunch at El Dorado restaurant
                                                              2:00 PM Visit the local architecture museum
                                                              After lunch, visit a ceramic studio and learn about this local craft during a pottery demonstration (Chichi’s House)
                                                              2:45 pm Depart to Cayo Santa Maria
                                                              7:00 PM Arrive Cayo Santa Maria
                                                              At leisure Dinner at the hotel- buffet

                                                              Day 6 (Fri): Cayo Santa Maria-Santa Clara-Cayo Santa Maria

                                                              7:00 am Breakfast at the hotel
                                                              8:00 am Depart for Santa Clara
                                                              10:00 am Arrive in Santa Clara and visit Cardio Hospital, Ernesto Che Guevara, named after the Argentine physician and revolutionary guerrilla. Interact with doctors and paramedic staff to learn about the Cuban preventive health care program
                                                              (Subject to approval)
                                                              11:00 am Drive to the Che Guevara mausoleum to visit the museum and memorial where the remains of Che Guevara were buried
                                                              12:00 pm Stroll around Santa Clara main square, Parque Vidal
                                                              1:00 pm Lunch at the paladar Sabor Arte
                                                              3:30 pm Depart for the hotel (1.5 hour drive)
                                                              7:30 pm Farewell dinner at one of the restaurants of the hotel

                                                              Day 7 (Sat): Departure day

                                                              9:00 am Breakfast at the hotel and check out
                                                              10:30 am Depart for the international airport in Santa Clara
                                                              2:45 pm Flight departs for Miami

                                                              Hotel Contact Information:

                                                              1. Miami Airport Marriott
                                                              1201 North LeJeune Rd
                                                              Building – A
                                                              Miami, FL 33126
                                                              PH 305- 649-5000

                                                              2. Melia Cohiba
                                                              Calle 1ra
                                                              La Habana, Cuba
                                                              PH (53-7) 833-3636

                                                              3. Melia Las Dunas
                                                              Jardines del Rey
                                                              Cyo Santa María, Caibarién, Villa Clara PH (53-4) 235-0100

                                                              People to People Educational Program
                                                              PRE-TRIP TRAVEL TIPS – CUBA

                                                              OFAC LICENSING & ITINERARY

                                                              Full-Time Schedule & Participation: Vegasio LLC is selling escorted people-to-people educational tours as an agent of The Mark Travel Corporation (TMTC) and Cuba Travel Services, Inc., (CTS) the travel service provider and operator of the people-to-people educational tours, and not as a tour operator. U.S. law prohibits U.S. travelers from traveling to Cuba for tourism. This itinerary is operated under one of the twelve general Cuba travel license categories of the Office of Foreign Assets (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of Treasury. This program, per licensing requirements is a full-time program with many inclusions. There will be little to no free time on most days of this tour. You may have some down time in the evenings when dinner is not included.

                                                              Itinerary Note: U.S. law requires that all participants of this program adhere to the full time schedule of people-to-people activities. Deviation from this itinerary, even in part, is not permitted. Specific itinerary inclusions, visits, meetings with individuals and organizations, home visits are dependent on outside factors and it may sometimes be necessary to substitute with alternatives of equal relevance and interest.

                                                              Flexibility: In Cuba, things work differently and some activities that have been scheduled far in advance sometimes become unavailable for a number of different reasons. It is extremely important to go into this experience with a very open mind. The purpose of the trip is to have meaningful interactions with the locals. Your guide will be good at swapping out activities for others when needed, but don’t be disappointed if things change, because they will! Enjoy every moment of it and try to make the most out of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

                                                              People-to-People Interactions: On many occasions it will be up to you (the passenger) to involve yourself in conversations and interactions with the locals to gain as much knowledge as possible about the country and the people. The tour guide will facilitate many of these interactions, but it is always a good idea to ask questions and utilize the guide as best as possible in order to get the most out of the experience. Though sometimes the people you’ll interact with don’t speak English, you’d be surprised at how much you can gain by using body language and having the guide translate.

                                                              Keeping Documents on File: As part of the requirements under the license, each traveler is required to keep records to Cuba for 5 years in case asked by the U.S. government.

                                                              DOCUMENTS (TO BE RECEIVED IN MIAMI)

                                                              • All documents will be delivered to the hotel in the afternoon, prior to the briefing (day before your departure flight). Please check with the front desk or bell desk. You may also call Vegasio to contact our Groups Coordinator for more information.

                                                              • If there are any missing documents, or anything is printed incorrectly, please let us know immediately. You should also check that all flight information has been printed correctly on the ticket.

                                                              • Ticket Jacket Contents
                                                              Airline Ticket (3 copies: MIA-Cuba; Cuba-MIA; Passenger receipt)

                                                              Asistur Stamp – Located on the back of the Charter Ticket
                                                              • This medical insurance is included for all travelers from the US to Cuba for emergencies. Havanatur reps on the ground will assist if any medical services are needed while on tour.

                                                              Visa – To be filled out individually by each client while in Miami (your Miami Rep will have instructions).

                                                              Authorization Letter by Sponsoring Organization – You may be asked for this upon returning by US immigration and customs officials.

                                                              Sanitary Statement for Travelers – This form is usually collected, and it is best to say “no” to every question to avoid problems.

                                                              Customs Declaration – This form is usually not collected from Americans, but you should still fill it out. A copy has been included in this packet as a guideline.

                                                              Passport – Please keep a copy of your Passport on you at all times as your identification and leave your original Passport in the safe unless exchanging money.

                                                              Flight Itinerary – Check-in time designated for the group will be printed on this form. Please disregard check-in times located on the ticket itself, as this is the maximum time required for check-in.

                                                              CHARTER FLIGHT

                                                              Charter Carrier: The people-to-people educational tours include Charter Flights between Miami and Cuba operated by either American Airlines, Xtra Airways or Swift Air, LLC as indicated on your itinerary. This tour is subject to the terms and conditions of the CTS Charters Public Charter Operator-Participant Contract which must be executed by each passenger along with various other forms.

                                                              • Charter flights are operated by CTS Charters (sister company to Cuba Travel Services,Inc). The exact departure time will be available no more than 30 days prior to departure and will be printed on your tickets. Flights and times may not be consistent throughout the season.

                                                              Airport Shuttle: A complimentary airport shuttle will be provided for you to use from your hotel to the Miami airport.

                                                              Airport Check-In: There will be a reserved group check-in area at the Miami airport. You will see a sign with your group name. You will be assigned a specific check-in time in advance. This time will be reflected on the flight itinerary in each ticket jacket. You may contact Cuba Travel Services at 786-516-9926 when you are on your way to the airport, so that he may meet you at the bus to escort you to the check-in area. Keep in mind that it is common for most Cuban-Americans to check-in 4 hours in advance so you may see large lines. Please note that this will not be the same check-in area for your group.

                                                              Luggage: With the charter flight to Cuba (on the outbound only), one bag up to 44 pounds is included per person as part of your tour (includes checked bag and larger carry-on). Anything over 44 lbs, will be charged at $2 per pound. A small carry-on like a purse or small backpack will not be weighed. Any larger carry-on may be weighed and added to the 44-lb allowance per person. Payment at the airport is by cash or credit card. On the return flight there is no charge for luggage as long as it is under 50 lbs per person. In Cuba, the carry-on is exempt from the weight limitations.

                                                              Seating Assignments: On your charter flight there is no pre-assigned seating. Seats will be assigned at the check-in counter at the airport. Please note that all attempts will be made to seat passengers together when possible.

                                                              WHAT TO BRING

                                                              • Bug spray
                                                              • Sunscreen and sun hats
                                                              • Comfortable clothing and walking shoes (casual attire)
                                                              • Medications and over the counter drugs, band-aids, etc
                                                              • Cash (Credit card and ATM machines are not yet readily available)
                                                              • Small gifts for children and locals, depending on itinerary (for example, school supplies, small toys, candies, art supplies, band-aids, OTC drugs
                                                              • Sunglasses
                                                              • Hand sanitizer
                                                              • Wash cloths (not provided at most hotels)
                                                              • Toilet paper (good to have your own at public restrooms)


                                                              Currencies: There are two types of currencies in Cuba. The first is the Cuban Peso, used primarily by the locals for basic staples. The second is the CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso), which is the currency mostly used by tourists. It is important to make sure you are getting back the right change in the right currency when making purchases.

                                                              Exchanging Money: You can exchange US Dollars (USD) for CUC at any airport, hotel, exchange bureaus in town centers and some banks. The current fee for exchanging is 13%, i.e. for 100 USD you will get 87 CUC. The fee is the same no matter where you exchange your currency. You will need your passport to exchange money. In Cuba, they will not accept bills that are torn or written on when exchanging into CUC.

                                                              When exchanging money to CUC, try to get small denominations to make purchases easier, as many places such as small stores, bars and restaurants do not always have the possibility to break down larger bills for you.

                                                              Credit Cards & Traveler’s Checks: US-issued credit cards, debit cards, and ATM cards were not previously accepted in Cuba; this is changing with new regulations and more and more places will start to accept these for purchases or withdrawals. It is advisable to bring cash in order to make any purchases in Cuba or pay for most services. Most places will not take USD, so you must exchange currency upon arriving. Tips however can be given in any currency. Traveler’s Checks may also be difficult to cash while in Cuba and are not recommended.


                                                              Small Gifts for Children: It is fine to bring small items such as pens, markers, coloring books and small toys to give out to local children. If asked at the customs area in Cuba, tell them you are NOT BRINGING DONATIONS, but rather small gifts to hand out. Donations require prior authorization and are usually given in large quantities, so this is not what you are bringing (or should be bringing).

                                                              Monetary Gifts to Speakers and Community Projects: In Cuba, tipping is a way of life. Local salaries are extremely low and don’t suffice to buy everyday items. Tourism touches the lives of many Cubans and they truly depend on small donations and tips to feed their families. Though it may be a small amount to us, anything you offer these individuals that work hard to make a difference in your experience while there is greatly appreciated. Refer to provided guidelines.

                                                              Tipping Restaurant Staff, Housekeeping, Guides, Drivers and Porters. This can be done on an individual basis or as a group if preferred. Same applies as above.

                                                              CALLS AND INTERNET USAGE

                                                              Cell Phones: US cell phones do not work in Cuba, even if you have an international plan. As a foreigner it is possible to rent a local SIM card at an ETECSA office for use on your own unlocked phone. However, keep in mind that visiting these facilities may not be easy to coordinate with your schedule.

                                                              Calling Home: It is possible to call home from your hotel by visiting the business center or dialing direct from your room. If you wish to use the phone in your room, you will need to leave a cash-deposit at the front desk, so that they activate your line. It can be expensive to call home, sometimes more than 2.50 CUC per minute, and connection charges may also apply.

                                                              Internet: Wi-Fi is not available throughout Cuba, except at some hotels. Most hotels also have a business center with computers, however, the hours and service may be limited. Charges can be up to 12 CUC per hour depending on the hotel. Because of the limited technology in Cuba, it is not uncommon to have internet outages.

                                                              Communication with the US: Though internet is the best way to communicate with those back at home, you may want to warn them of the difficulty in communications between Cuba and the US. Not only can it be costly, but sometimes business centers are not open at the hours that are convenient to your schedule, the internet may be experiencing difficulties, or you may have problems getting a line to the US from Cuba, since they are often rerouted through third countries.


                                                              Electric Current: While most hotels are equipped for 220 V, it is common to find both 110 and 220 V throughout Cuba. Sometimes both European and American plugs can be used. It is advisable to bring a converter if your electronics are not travel-ready (105-240 V).

                                                              Outages: Though many hotels are well equipped, it is possible to experience temporary power outages due to limited resources on the island. However, this seems to be happening less frequently in the past few years.


                                                              Safety Deposit Boxes: Hotels are equipped with safety deposit boxes and may charge a per day fee. Check with the front desk. It is advisable to leave valuables including passports in the safe. A copy of your passport should suffice for ID purposes. You will however need your passport for exchanging currency.

                                                              Pick-Pockets: Though Cuba is generally a very safe place to travel, it is always best to watch your belongings and beware of pick-pockets and purse snatchers. Leave expensive jewelry in the safe and only carry what you need for that day. You may see some kids or older adults begging on the streets, sometimes asking for soap, pens, etc. Though a nuisance, this is not considered to be dangerous.

                                                              TAXIS AND TRANSPORTATION

                                                              • Transportation has been provided while on tour for all included activities. Taxis are available throughout the city and are quite safe. Payment will be in CUC. There are different types of taxis and your local guide in Cuba can explain the difference.

                                                              FOOD & MEALS

                                                              Selection: Since restaurants don’t always have as much selection as in the US, menu choices can be limited, however there should always be another option for vegetarians or those that cannot eat what has been set up on the menu (your guide will arrange in advance). Most restaurants do offer at least two choices for the main course, which the guide may communicate and take orders for in advance. Ordering in advance can speed up the service for larger groups.

                                                              Beverages: Most included restaurants on this tour will provide you with one welcome drink (usually a cocktail such as a mojito, Cuba Libre, etc) and an additional national drink during your meal (examples can be beer, soft drinks, water or juice). Coffee may not always be included after the meal, as some restaurants are not equipped to serve coffee to large parties. Check with the local guide to figure out what options you have for each meal as not all restaurants are the same.

                                                              For tea drinkers it is usually difficult to find tea bags at every restaurant and you may wish to bring your own tea bags just in case.


                                                              It is best to drink bottled water while in Cuba. You will find that both still and sparkling water are available. Water is purified in the hotels and restaurants, and it is ok to drink beverages with ice wherever we take you on the tour. It is also not necessary to use bottled water to brush your teeth, as the tap water has also been purified. Salads and fruits are also acceptable to eat at all included or recommended restaurants.


                                                              The rainy season in Cuba typically runs from May to November and the dry season is between December and April. However, keep in mind that it may rain at any time, so it is wise to always have rain gear. The temperatures in Cuba can range from the 60’s in the winter (though not very common) to the 90’s in the summer months. Wear comfortable, cool clothing. It is common to have air conditioning in restaurants, hotels, and other indoor facilities, so layering can also be wise. Do keep in mind that not all places have AC in Cuba, so sometimes it can also be quite hot.
                                                              o Bring insect repellent as the tropical weather also means there can be mosquitos at dusk and dawn.

                                                              U.S. CUSTOMS/RETURN TRIP

                                                              • Per U.S. regulations, you are allowed to bring back $400 total USD worth of goods for personal use, of which $100 can be in tobacco and alcohol products.

                                                              • Upon returning to the US, you will have to go through immigration and customs. Often travelers returning from Cuba are asked additional questions. You may need to provide a copy of the authorization letter (located in your ticket jacket). You may also be asked to undergo additional screening in the customs area, mostly for agricultural products.


                                                              Standards: Please note that the star system in Cuba is quite different than that in the U.S. Expect slightly lower standards at the properties with less amenities. Remember that Cuba has had limited resources for a very long time and they do what they can to try to update their facilities as needed.

                                                              Outages/AC/Plumbing Issues: Again, because resources in Cuba can be limited, it is not uncommon to have temporary power outages, problems with AC (either being too cold or not working properly), and problems flushing toilets due to lack of pressure, etc. Sometimes water pressure varies as well. Expect the unexpected and you may be pleasantly surprised, as things have been getting better and better in Cuba.

                                                              Breakfast and Other Hotel Meals: Breakfast buffets are included but sometimes with limited products and different food than you may be accustomed to.

                                                              Porterage: This service will be provided for groups to facilitate luggage delivery. It is customary to tip for these services, and this has not been included in your tour cost.


                                                              Public: Be prepared with toilet paper and small coins when using public facilities. Avoid throwing away paper into the toilet due to flushing problems. It is advisable to use the waste basket placed next to the toilets.

                                                              Bus WC: Larger buses have small water closets (toilets) on board but these should be used in case of emergency only. It is often not possible to empty the contents on board every day of the trip.


                                                              • Be on time and be courteous to fellow travelers.

                                                              • Be flexible, and go into it with no expectations (pleasantly surprised).

                                                              • A Cuban National Guide will be there to assist with all matters including emergencies, additional information required, recommendations and any problems or concerns while on tour.

                                                              • Remember that you are traveling to Cuba under a people-to-people educational license, which means this is not a standard tour and involves more educational and interactive experiences.

                                                              • Please take into account that, despite the political differences and regulations that Americans must follow, Cuba is a very special destination where the people welcome American tourists respectfully and they will always try to show you their most authentic traditions and ways of life in a very friendly and courteous manner.

                                                              Vegasio LLC is working with the reputable The Mark Travel Corporation (TMTC) and U.S.-based Cuba Travel Services (CTS), which operates charter flights to/from Cuba, plans tour itineraries and leads groups in destination.

                                                              Founded in 1999, CTS is a licensed charter operator with the most extensive air network between the U.S. and Cuba.

                                                              For Cuba travel July 2016 onwards, book your trip now with a $100 refundable deposit per person. Prices per person (adults 18+) based on double occupancy (unless otherwise stated) including round-trip charter airfare from Miami to Havana/Havana to Miami return) via American Airlines, Xtra Airways or Swift Air, LLC (737-800 and 737-400), round-trip airport/hotel transfers, hotel taxes and baggage handling, fuel surcharges, all pre-collected U.S. and foreign taxes and fees including September 11th Security Fee, visa (application fee), meals, excursions and gratuities as specified in the escorted tour itineraries, the services of a U.S. Tour Director, local tour guide and driver and Cuban Medical Insurance. Prices are current and valid as of 2/25/16. Promo codes, discounts, or any other promotional offers are not valid on Cuba Itineraries. If discounts are applied, they are subject to removal. Restrictions may apply. These escorted people to people educational tours are under one of the twelve general Cuba travel license categories administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of Treasury. Charter flights to and from Miami are chartered by Cuba Travel Services and operated by American Airlines, Xtra Airways or Swift Air, LLC. Best of Cuba and Havana Highlights tours are organized and provided by Cuba Travel Services. On these tours, there is no charge for the first checked bag and small carry on (combined weight of 44 total lbs.). On all tours, charges apply for overweight or additional baggage. Click here for additional baggage policies. All prices are subject to availability and change without notice. Minimum 10 passengers per tour date. Vegasio LLC is not responsible for errors or omissions. Cancellation policies apply.

                                                              *Itineraries are ALWAYS subject to change. Travelers must be flexible.

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